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Once we’ve approved your application to become a customer, with our support you will initiate a series of activities to start accepting payments. In this process, you will be guided by our Solution Engineering team from the beginning until you have gone live, and then for a period of time, we call live-monitoring. Although the process may vary depending on the nature of each merchant, the steps to get you live will broadly be the following:

  1. Integration scoping and discovery
    Discover the various integration methods we offer and the tooling around them (SDKs, references), and pick what suits your business use cases.
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  1. Integration phase
    Our dedicated Solutions Engineering team will help you choose the best integration option and payment flows for your business case. You will also be able to make use of the notifications and reports to easily cover all the needs of the stakeholders in your organization.
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  1. testing
    Use the test cards we offer to test successful and edge case scenarios like declines and disputes in order to prepare your business for the production environment.
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  1. Production testing
    Try the integration with real cards and make sure all the configuration and business logic is working correctly.
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  1. Going live
    Ship the new integration to your customers! The login credentials and instructions are sent by email to the Administrative Owner of your dashboard which you will have indicated on your application form


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