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Preparing to apply

As an acquirer and merchant account provider, we operate in compliance with published card schemes, government and other local rules and requirements. These require us to conduct thorough checks on all businesses we work with and their representatives.
Our application process reflects the collection of all the checks we need to conduct at the time of onboarding via our underwriting process. As we are jointly financially liable with our merchants for losses tied to chargebacks or other high-risk behaviour, these checks may include a review of your financial profile.
We conduct due diligence on all of our merchants upfront in order to set the foundation for a lasting partnership and opportunity for growth.

We strive for speed, support, and transparency throughout our application process. The process may vary per merchant based on the complexity of their business model or the industry they operate.

To ensure our merchants go through our application process in a smooth and speedy way, we have compiled some steps we recommend taking in advance:

  1. Check your eligibility to become a customer
    We follow a collection of external and internal rules, regulations, and standards which dictate which types of businesses we can work with. Find out more about our criteria for eligibility.

  1. Gather the necessary information and documents for your application upfront
    Our application process requires us to review specific information and documents which vary per merchant based on factors such as their location and business model. This information will usually need to be sourced through different departments and stakeholders of your business, so ensuring it is readily available for your application will ensure a speedy submission and a quicker decision from us. Find out more about the information and documents you will need to provide during the process.

When you are ready to apply, your sales will invite you to start the application process and will be available to guide you throughout your entire journey until you go live.


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