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Submitting your application

When you apply to become a customer, we’ll ask you for information and documents which help us stay compliant with external regulations and requirements in our different regions, but also satisfy our internal risk policies and requirements. Our goal is to enable business and their communities to thrive in the digital economy, and we have an obligation to protect our merchants and their customers by formulating a good understanding of their business profiles through the checks we conduct.

Check the sections below for an overview of the basic information we will ask in your application. Providing this information accurately based on the guidelines we provide is crucial in ensuring a quick decision on your application.

  1. Verifying individuals
  2. Verifying your business
  3. Verifying your website
  4. Verifying your bank account(s)

We may also ask for additional information or documents based on factors such as your location, business model, industry, and products you wish to take on. This includes:

  • Financial statements
  • Online processing information

Get in touch with your sales in case you are not able to provide us with any of the information outlined in the requirements above. We are available to discuss the possibility of providing an alternative piece of information or document to satisfy a requirement if needed.


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