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20030 - Format error in MADA transactions

A MADA transaction may fail with a 20030 - Format error response code for any of the following reasons:

  • the 3DS and CVV information required for MADA transactions was missing.
  • a MADA transaction refund was attempted after the 30-day expiry period. If you need to refund a MADA transaction after 30 days, you can either:
    • initiate a direct bank transfer to the customer, if the refund is urgent. As the transaction will have already been captured by your acquiring bank, you should have already received the funds.
    • Alternatively, contact your acquirer bank directly to request a manual refund.

The 20030 - Format error response code is a generic decline code for Third-Party Acquirer (TPA) processors and can also affect other products. For more information about the response code, see the API response codes documentation.


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