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Understand transaction response codes

A response code (found in the response_code field) is a five-digit numeric code that indicates the status of the payment request. Additional details are provided in the response_summary and status fields of the response.

Payment response codes fall into four categories:

  • APPROVED (10xxx codes) - the request was successful
  • SOFT DECLINE (20xxx codes) - the request was declined, though subsequent attempts may be successful
  • HARD DECLINE (30xxx codes) - the request was declined (most hard declines require the issuer or cardholder to fix any outstanding issues before trying again)
  • RISK RESPONSE (40xxx codes) - the request triggered a risk response, in which case, the status of the response (response_code and status) will depend on the action specified in your risk settings

To learn about specific codes, see our API response code guide.

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