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Bank account and settlement schedule change requests - Verification documents

To change your bank account or your settlement schedule, an authorized or delegated signatory from your account must contact our Support team or the Account Manager, and provide the following information:

  • the entity or business we should apply the change to (must remain unchanged; otherwise, further information is required)
  • for the existing bank account, provide the following:
    • a bank statement issued within 7 days of the request – if you cannot retrieve a bank statement, you can provide a screenshot of the bank account with the latest Checkout settlement/transaction instead
  • for the new bank account, provide one of the following:
    • a copy of a bank statement or letter for the new bank account, issued within the last 12 months; the account number or IBAN, Routing number/SWIFT/BIC/Sort Code must be present
    • an official letter issued by the bank
    • blank cheques
      • this must be a scan or direct photo of the cheques
      • we can only accept electronic cheques issued by banks in CA
      • we cannot accept any cheques issued by banks in AU
    • if you're funding a hyper wallet, a recent Hyper wallet Funding Instructions is required

The documents you provide as Proof of Bank Account must be the original copy or a scanned copy in PDF format with a maximum file size of 25MB.


The request must be made by an authorized or delegated signatory of the account. To appoint a new person as a signatory for the account, contact your Account Manager or the Support team.

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