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Requesting additional information

Requesting additional information as part of our UW policy

As part of your application process, depending on factors such as your company’s line of business or business model, we may request a few additional pieces of information. These include:

Financial statements

Reviewing your financial statements will help us better understand the financial performance of your company. They must cover the last two financial years and be audited if available. Your statements should include the following:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Cashflow statement

If your business is just starting and for this reason, you are unable to provide financial statements, you can instead provide us with your financial projections as part of your business plan. Those must cover a period of three years or more, and should contain:

  • Profit and loss entries
  • Balance sheet projections
  • Cashflow projections (if available)

If for any reason you are unable to provide business plan financial projections, please contact your sales representative for further assistance on what you could provide instead.

Online processing history information

Depending on where your company is registered, we may ask for specific online processing history information to help us better understand the dispute profile of your business. This includes information about your:

  • Refund ratio
  • Chargeback ratio
  • Processing volumes

If you’re based in the US or Hong Kong, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of an online processing statement from the payment provider that services most of your payments volumes. This has to cover the last three months and should clearly indicate refund, chargeback, and processing volume data per month.

Most payment providers allow statements to be exported directly from their main account page. If your payment provider doesn’t support exports, screenshots of the required details can also be accepted as long as they cover all the required information.

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