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Find the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN)

You can find the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) for a payment in the Payments section of your Dashboard or in the Payments API.

In the Dashboard

To find the ARN number:

  1. Login to the Dashboard and navigate to Payments.
  2. Click to select the transaction you need the ARN number for.
  3. Under Payment timeline, click the corresponding payment action to open up the summary. The ARN number can be located in the summary.

Using the Payments API

For those cases where the ARN number is not available through the Dashboard, you can find the ARN in the response of the get payment actions endpoint, as well as in the `payment_captured` and `payment_refunded` webhook notifications.

If you cannot find the ARN number in the Dashboard or by using the API, get in touch with our Support team to get further assistance.

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