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Add a bank account to get paid

If you’re setting up your Dashboard account for the first time, you’ll need to add your bank account details to it so you can get paid.

How to add a bank account

  1. Sign in to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the ... icon and go to Add bank account to input your bank account details and upload your bank statement document. For the correct payout formatting, see our country-by-country guide.
  3. Submit by clicking the Add bank account button.
  4. The bank account will now be visible on your Dashboard profile with a label showing the last four digits of the account number. You can edit this label in the Dashboard. This helps identify accounts if you have added more than one.

Updating existing bank account details

If you need to update your existing bank account details, you can add a new bank account and set it as your primary (default) method for payouts. The new account must pass verification before it can receive payouts. Until then, your existing bank account will continue to receive payouts.

Payout schedules lets you get paid through two methods, either via an automated schedule (for example, weekly on a monday) or on-demand, based on your requests.

The platform or marketplace you are selling on controls these methods and may only offer you payouts timings based on their business rules. For more information on your payout schedule, contact the platform that you are selling on.

Supported payout currencies can support you getting paid in different currencies depending on the country you’re in.

See the relevant FAQ for a list of supported payout currencies if your business is based in the United Kingdom (UK), the European Economic Area (EEA), or the United States (US).

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