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Get started with Dashboard account

If your business sells on a platform or marketplace that uses, see how you can set up your account to start accepting payments.

Creating your Dashboard account will send you an email asking you to create your account. The link in the email will take you to, where you can activate the account linked to your email address.

Verification requirements

If you are creating your account for the first time, will need to verify your information before activating your account. This usually takes 24 hours, but in some cases can take up to three working days.

Each country or region will have different regulations. Your registered country and business type will therefore determine what information you will need to submit for’s verification. See the relevant FAQ for the specific requirements if your business is based in the UK, the EEA, or the US. supports onboarding for two business type groups:

  • registered business: a legal entity formed by a group of individuals that operate a business together. Some of these individuals can be shareholders or ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) who own ≥25% of the company or voting rights. If there are no UBOs who own ≥25% of the company, the representative(s) should be an individual with the right to sign on behalf of the company. We require information about these representatives during onboarding.
  • sole trader or individual: a person running their own business as an individual (sometimes referred to as a sole proprietor or trader)

Understanding account statuses

To keep you updated with your account status, we will always send you an email to inform you of any account status changes. You can sign in to the Dashboard at any time to check the current status of your account.

Verification action required

If we cannot verify your business details successfully, we will inform you both by email and in your Dashboard. You will then be required to submit further information for to continue the verification process.

To submit further information:

  1. Open the email and click on the link Complete setup to be directed to your Dashboard.
  2. Sign in to your Dashboard.
  3. Review the highlighted fields where action is required.
  4. Click Edit business details and make all the required amendments.
  5. Click Submit.


You must action all the highlighted errors in the Action required status. Otherwise, will not be able to rerun the verification checks. Your account status will return to Pending once you've actioned all onboarding errors.

Getting paid

Once you have submitted your details for verification, you can go ahead and add your bank account details via your Dashboard. You do not need to wait until your account has been successfully verified.

Your bank account details will also go through a verification process before you get paid.

Managing your account

If any of your business details change, then you can sign in to your Dashboard and update your details. For example, if a new director is appointed or the principal trading address changes. Submitting changes to your business details may require to verify the new information. If this is the case, you will receive a confirmation email.

Additionally, if you change your business bank account, you can sign in to your Dashboard to add the new details and select this account as the default account to receive your earnings.


Submitting new business details for additional verification checks will not affect your account’s ability to continue doing business, unless we cannot complete the verification. You will still be able to accept payments and get paid out.

However, your account status will return to Pending for the duration of the checks.

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